Reach your fundraising goals with us!

Our fundraising opportunities provide numerous opportunities to volunteer at events, including sports, concerts and special functions on campus. Whether you are a large church group preparing for a mission trip or a sporting team needing new uniforms, there is a tailored program for all! This is an excellent opportunity to raise finds or fulfill service hour’s requirements for specific clubs!
Identifying your organizations goals is pertinent for selecting a certain sport or season. Recruiting your team is key and will help you provide structure for which events you can select.
Each event your organization schedules requires a specific amount of volunteers. Factors that determine volunteer requirement include which sporting event and location you select. Note: the same location during season, may have different volunteer requirements per game. This will depend on the opponent, date and event time.
Football: Requires a FULL home season commitment (7 games).
This may also include special public relations events and/or Spring Football Game. An example of a PR event would be Dabo’s Pizza Party 2016. Spring Game is typically in April and will be announced later in the season.

Soccer: Men’s & Women’s games and tournaments

Basketball: Men’s & Women’s regular season games - potential NCAA and NIT tournaments

Track & Field: Collegiate Men’s, Women’s, and high school tournaments
Regular season games - potential Regional and Super Regional tournament

Concerts & Campus Events