We want you on our team!

Prior to requesting events, all groups must be approved through Aramark’s vetting process. This is a nationwide requirement for all nonprofits, participating in fundraising with Aramark sanctioned events. Below are the documents needed from your organization, which must be submitted and approved, to begin your fundraising experience with Concessions at Clemson University.

1. Proof of 501 status

W9 Form
Copy of one of the following:
  • ​IRS determination letter (online to and submit a 4506-A form or call 1-877-829-5500)
  • Certified Letter from the State of South Carolina (online at or call 1-803-734-2158)

​​Non-Profit Exempt Status: Non-profit groups must certify that they are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization defined in Section 501-C of the Internal Revenue Code. The non-profit Group must verify with Aramark their tax-exempt status as accepted by the IRS. A copy of your Federal ID Number and a Letter of Determination recognizing the organization as tax-exempt must be furnished so your organization can be vetted with Aramark to fundraise.
  • W-9 - This must be provided for non-profit status of the organization.
  • The non-profit vetting process will take place annually.

2. Letter of Intent to Volunteer Services
All non-profit group members must sign a written statement declaring their intent to volunteer and donate their services to their organization.

Age Requirement: All non-profit volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

Onboarding Documents Required for ALL Volunteers
  • Volunteer Excel List - a document of all participating members (include their full name, permanent address and date of birth)
  • Background Check Consent Form
  • Criminal History Disclosure Form
  • Volunteer Acknowledgment Form

3. Group Insurance Policies
​Groups must provide basic General Liability Insurance of no less than 1,000,000 of coverage; Aramark also provides insurance to each group free of charge, the election for Aramark insurance must be selected in the contract.

​4. Reference Group Leader Assigned (must be handwritten & signed)
Each group will be asked to provide at least 2 personal/ professional to be assigned as the group leader and point of contact for ARAMARK managers.

Group Information Sheet
  • Group Leader Contact Information
  • Mailing Address for Commission Checks
  • Tax Identification Number

5. Signed Contract (must be handwritten & signed)

Contract must be executed before the NPO Group can volunteer at any Aramark event.
All documents excluding the contracts (assuming information is the same) are valid for one year.

All volunteer documents and vetting process will have to be completed once a year!

Documents are provided by the Concessions Department.

Please contact us at C[email protected] to begin this process.
​1. What is the age requirement? 16 years or older.
2. How do I sign up my non-profit group? Please contact the Concessions Department to begin your onboarding paperwork. See above for steps on ‘Joining The Concessions Team’.
3. How does my organization get paid? Fundraising is commission based. Depending on the location selected, this will yield a designated percentage. Commission is based on your inventory sales, minus any cash shortage, lack of volunteers, and/or excessive waste.
4. What happens if I cannot meet my volunteer requirement? Location selection is crucial. Penalty can be placed on your commission check.
5. How often will commission checks be issued? Once your organization is approved and your account is set up, checks will be issued 2-3 weeks after your event.
6. How often does my organization receive checks? All checks are issued from our corporate office in Philadelphia. The address on your Group information Sheet is where your funds will be sent.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director